Statements of Income


( millions of yen )
Net sales70,00273,717
Cost of sales41,18245,295
Gross profit28,81928,422
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Supply and sales expenses19,14919,668
General and administrative expenses5,8575,832
Total selling, general and administrative expenses25,00725,501
Operating profit3,8122,920
Non-operating income
Interest income64
Dividend income168177
Share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method125119
Revenue from CNG sales159157
Miscellaneous income356414
Total non-operating income815873
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses248225
Miscellaneous expenses6962
Total non-operating expenses317288
Ordinary profit4,3103,506
Extraordinary income
Gain on revision of retirement benefit plan-449
Gain on forgiveness of debts2,105-
Total extraordinary income2,105449
Profit before income taxes6,4153,955
Income taxes - current553753
Income taxes - deferred107580
Total income taxes6611,333
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests193123
Profit attributable to owners of parent5,5602,499

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