Statements of Income


(millions of yen)
Net sales76,30370,002
Cost of sales46,19541,182
Gross profit30,10728,819
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Supply and sales expenses18,77119,149
General and administrative expenses5,8605,857
Total selling, general and administrative expenses24,63125,007
Operating income5,4753,812
Non-operating income
Interest income76
Dividend income156168
Share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method172125
Revenue from CNG sales219159
Proceeds from miscellaneous income283356
Total non-operating income839815
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses324248
Miscellaneous expenses21569
Total non-operating expenses540317
Ordinary income5,7754,310
Extraordinary income
Gain on forgiveness of debt-2,105
Profit before income taxes5,7756,415
Income taxes - current2,067553
Income taxes - deferred-87107
Total income taxes1,980661
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests147193
Profit attributable to owners of parent3,6475,560

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