Balance Sheets


( millions of yen )
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment
Production facilities17,59516,913
Distribution facilities29,72630,212
Service and maintenance facilities4,3134,071
Other facilities8,8347,723
Construction in progress2,8144,022
Total property, plant and equipment63,28462,942
Intangible assets1,0231,119
Investments and other assets
Investment securities8,7829,309
Long-term loans receivable10950
Deferred tax assets1,764971
Other investments and other assets6,1315,727
Allowance for doubtful accounts-227-214
Total investments and other assets16,56115,843
Total non-current assets80,86979,905
Current assets
Cash and deposits9,06910,766
Notes and accounts receivable - trade5,8446,485
Merchandise and finished goods818882
Raw materials and supplies3,2262,666
Deferred tax assets586544
Other current assets1,9861,508
Allowance for doubtful accounts-39-41
Total current assets21,49322,812
Total assets102,363102,717
Non-current liabilities
Bonds payable17,50015,000
Long-term loans payable15,15512,284
Provision for directors' retirement benefits482416
Provision for gas holder repairs376358
Provision for safety measures555638
Provision for gas appliance warranties182194
Net defined benefit liability4,6592,574
Asset retirement obligations110112
Other noncurrent liabilities405411
Total non-current liabilities39,42931,990
Current liabilities
Current portion of non-current liabilities2,9186,924
Notes and accounts payable - trade5,7297,354
Income taxes payable450805
Commercial papers500-
Other current liabilities4,9894,681
Total current liabilities14,58819,766
Total liabilities54,01751,757
Net assets
Shareholders' equity
Capital stock5,1815,181
Capital surplus1,1411,141
Retained earnings38,18140,102
Treasury shares-54-162
Total shareholders' equity44,44946,262
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities2,5522,782
Deferred gains or losses on hedges-633
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans-1,113-717
Total accumulated other comprehensive income1,3752,069
Non-controlling interests2,5202,628
Total net assets48,34550,960
Total liabilities and net assets102,363102,717

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