Forward-looking Statements
Statements made in this presentation with respect to Hiroshima Gas’s present forecasts, plans, strategies and other statements are based on currently available information and include forward-looking statements. The Company’s actual performance may greatly differ from these projections due to trends in the Japanese economy, sharp swings on foreign exchange and crude oil markets, and unforeseen weather phenomena.

Investor Information on IR Website
The purpose of this web site is to increase your understanding of Hiroshima Gas, not to solicit investments. You are entirely responsible for any investment decisions you make.

Links to Other Websites
This website includes links to websites other than those operated by Hiroshima Gas Group companies. These links are provided for convenience but should be used at your discretion. The Hiroshima Gas Group does not recommend or guarantee the information provided at the linked websites. The Hiroshima Gas Group shall not be held liable for any damage caused by use of the linked websites or the information therein.

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